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New Oriental, the full name is Beijing New Oriental Education & Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., headquartered in Haidian District, Beijing. It is the largest integrated education group, but also education and training group. Business includes each field of foreign language training, primary and secondary education, preschool education, online education, abroad advisory, book publishing etc.

In addition to New Oriental, as well as other sub-brands like Neolink secondary education, Bubble children's education, future abroad consulting, Xunchen online education, Dayu Culture Publishing, Stars parenting and identical college entrance examination, etc. In 2006, listed on the New York Stock Exchange it is the first educational institution of china in the US Stock Exchange.


As a famous private educational institution of China, till May 2014, New Oriental has set up 56 schools, 31 bookstores and 703 learning centers at 50 cities across the country. Since its inception, the New Oriental has accumulated over 20 million students.

To improve voice communications system due to large business system, New Oriental chose Polylink IP-PBX system from its inception because of these functions about strong cross-section network, abundant customized reports and the security and stability of the system. IP-PBX is good for the privacy and security of customers' business systems since many years.


All servers register on the public network by using powerful network. It is free for calling between each extension. Seats can be applied distributed. It saves communication costs by using of Shanghai Telecom NGN platform. Rich reports provide managers with accurate data analysis. IPBBX and IPCC system not only provide value-added functions of traditional PBX which are difficult to be achieved, but also provide the third-party OCX, DLL controls and interface, To achieve accessing to the third-party business system.


New Oriental's business model has been divided into two parts of “online service” and “offline service.” Online was finished by IPCC staff and Offline was finished by the office and store staff. 20 stores in Shanghai network by internal VPN or the public network that is the full realization of free calls between each stores. And each store’s office systems and call centers only need to use a server IX to achieve using two sets of different system simultaneously.

The single of IX series allows access to about 3,000 user calling. For so many stores, it saves a lot of hardware investment costs for customers. For the large corporate clients and state-owned enterprises, you do not need to spend additional investment of hardware and board. It saves investment cost of deployment.


For large group companies and state-owned enterprises, security and stability of the system has been raised to a new height. In response to this requirement, Polylink has been showing better data in many years. We improve the product constantly at the same time innovate our own system security policy. Others product has been improved and optimized in terms of features and benefits.

Currently IX series has been upgraded to version 3.0. In the course of this development, inseparable from the customer support and market updates. In the future, we will do our best and achieve the leading level of VoIP industry.


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