Oriental Cable Network——Multimedia system drived telemedicine


Oriental Cable Network Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Shanghai Cable Network Co., Ltd.) is networks of Shanghai cable, was established in late 1998. In order to accelerate the development of Shanghai Information, formed by the way of shareholding and using network station separation. Provide a complete HD video communication solutions to medical applications of the smart city of Shanghai. Currently implement at 13 community health service centers of Minhang area. This plan is to cover the whole Minhang area.


With the promotion of triple play, broadcasting and telecommunications carriers are to be equipped with TV, Internet and telephone service comprehensive ability. The bandwidth which could be offer to businesses and households is also growing. How to combine the latest technology of multimedia communications with the rapid development of data networks, and provide families with more services?


By the way of online studio of General Physician based on HD video communications, the residents will be able to communicate with the doctor face-to-face at home via HD TV. The hospital provides one-to-one or one-to-many HD video communications for the family and community, including remote appointment registration, health advice, examination report interpretation, health education and other health care services.


Video communications technology is mature, but there is a difficult problem that terminal is still expensive. B2B is also mature. Polylink work together with OCN to carry out HD video communications by using the codec capabilities of family set-top box of which can be implemented only by traditional professional equipment. The conditions for communications technology have been created for B2C market. At the same time achieve the one-to-one or one-to-many medical lectures and remote video communication applications. Providing efficient video communication solutions for the various industries as education, finance and real estate whom has the demand of HD video communications.


Through years of development experience and accumulation, we have improved the programs and customer experience, implement video communication by operating on the TV easily. Connected with the doctors and family effectively. Achieve multi-party video and interactive.


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