ENN Group——Polylink Multimedia Meeting System + Polycom MCU


ENN GROUP is a clean energy development and utilization enterprise. Founded in 1989, starting from the gas business, to build energy distribution, smart energy, solar energy, energy, chemical industry and other related industries in 2013. In 2012, ENN Group ranked 5th of TOP 100 in the Chinese green private enterprises, 41st of TOP 500 Chinese private enterprises. ENN GROUP ranked 240th of TOP 500 enterprises in China in 2013.


Since 2014, ENN GROUP has begun to use Polylink collaborative conferencing solutions to deploy telephone conference system of the group. Implement the requirement that all subsidiaries be able to hold a multi-party conference call of the group. Achieve PSTN video conference by video conferencing systems integration.


Polylink collaborative conferencing system not only provides the telephone conference, collaborative meeting functions, but also various interfaces and integration capability of video conferencing systems. Combined with the various types of means of communication effectively together. It has good applicability and scalability. The enterprises could host multi-party video conference through the computer access network.


As a leader of China's clean energy industry development, ENN GROUP offers efficient, professional and attentive service for the enterprises and individual users. That is why ENN group has the same requirement for his partnership. They require our collaborative conferencing system is stable, multi- function and scalable. Polylink’s commitment to customers with our own strong R&D ability and high customer care.


Faced with a large group customer, Polylink fully aware of the importance of innovative collaborative conferencing system function for maintaining customer relationships. We witnessed that ENN GROUP benefit from the collaborative Conference system, so that we also continue to optimize their products and services to meet the expanding needs of the group and the new product features.

In the past, more than one person cannot be held together by telephone conference, and now we can use the latest voice, video and other unified communications integration. Polylink has the willingness to work together with customers, toward a better tomorrow.


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