Guizhou Finance Department——Multimedia Meeting System for Guizhou government


The Finance Department of Guizhou is the prefecture-level function who integrated manage the state revenue and expenditure, fiscal policy, implementation of financial supervision, participating macro-control of the national economy.


Through the construction of collaborative conferencing system. To make up video conference system can not move , maintaining complex , network restrictions and other factors. Realize the escape function of video terminals and ensure normal security conference was be held, to solve the problem that the person who want to attend the meeting on a business trip.


Through combine audio conferencing and video conferencing of collaborative meetings, audio conferencing as a complement and backup of video conferencing, To ensure the smooth and efficient meeting, and provide a strong guarantee for the meeting quality of government department.


Polylink adheres to independent innovation, launched the audio and video conferencing systems solutions for government with our accumulated comprehensive technical strength. Combined with the specific application requirements of E-government characteristics.

The system can assist the government to strengthen the communication and coordination between the various departments, ensure the normal conference to carry on.To further improve the speed of decision making, better respond to emergencies.


Polylink collaborative conferencing system is aimed able to integrated with video system, to provide a strong guarantee for the quality of the meeting of the government departments. We hope to build a harmonious society and maintain customer relations in a new era through the innovative products with cost-effective information products and good technical services.


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