Ningxia Water Conservancy Bureau——IP-PBX enables efficient government operation


Ningxia water resources department is the water administrative department of Ningxia; Unified management of the business of Water Resources in Ningxia is the main function. Department of water resources has 12 functional divisions, 40 hall units and five cities, 21 county (city, area) water authority, and managing water resources business vertically.


For Ningxia Water Resources Information development and tasks, follow the uniform standards, make communication coverage extending to the management section by using perfect basic internet to carry out voice communication.

Achieved complementary mode of communication with the original PSTN. And, NWR facilitates the function of the work of water conservancy and guarantee communication security of flood protection.


Develop voice communications through its own excellent basic network, and form complementary communication mode with the original PSTN. Provide value-added services for the office.


As the functional department of the government, responsible for the province's water conservancy policy, development strategies and the work of flood control and drought. That is why they have very high requirements for all suppliers, They require our system to be stable, multi- function, robust and scalable. Polylink bring about commitment to customers with own strong R&D ability and high customer care.


Faced with customer requirements for high system stability, Polylink IP-PBX provide effective protection for information technology and management of Ningxia Water Resources Department with high stability.


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