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eHi Car Services is the first car rental company of China who achieve full e-commerce management. There are more than 1,200 service outlets at 100 cities across the country. eHi Car Services have more than 100 types of the car. Service covering the whole country. In 2014, eHi Car Services officially traded on the NYSE of United States, becoming the first listed China car rental companies at U.S.A.


With the business growing and coverage expansion, eHi Car Services require not only the call center function, but also the conversation between the various branches and headquarters, division and the division.


Polylink IPPBX provides the standard switching function, also provide value-added services including billing function, meeting control system, DISA long distance function, manual terminal transfer and multi-level IVR function etc. Achieve all-round communication capabilities.


Polylink IP-PBX replaces the traditional PBX system of the core of the communication system. The System provides internal free calls between the various divisions and headquarters, the division and the division.


Working with such a fast growing and expanding enterprise customers, Polylink is fully awares of the importance of ongoing product and customer relationship maintenance. We witness the growth of YIHAI, at the same time we implement our products and services constantly, in order to meet the development scale of YIHAI and the demand for new product features.

Polylink’s System was key at the initial single-point pure voice switching to remote office and interoffice networking. Implement flexible unified communications chat of the latest voice, video and unified services. Polylink and our partners work together, and will continue to side by side toward a better tomorrow.


Headquarters - Shanghai Beijing Office

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