Shanghai Metro——Combination of Mobile app and Unified Communication


Shanghai Shentong Metro Co Ltd founded in June 12, 1992. It is mainly engaged in subway operators and related comprehensive development, investment in rail transport, set up branches, etc. SHMETRO became the first listed companies in China in the rail transportation investment and management.


With the gradual formation of the Shanghai Rail Transit network, traffic will continue to remain high. SHMETRO will be dedicated to provide passengers with safe, fast, comfortable, high-quality rail services. With the construction of the major cities in the network, Network operation and passengers ride quality is priority. These requirements promote the development of subway communication system to the IP network, information technology, intelligent direction.


Managers can enter IP-PBX applications by mobile terminal APP. They can be real-time voice dispatch about Subway operations, not only provide daily communication service, it can also keep smooth communication between staff, each site of the subway system, the control center and the different departments. Customers can easily upgrade and expansion of the platform. Thus ensuring the continuity of business operations.


Dispatchers real-time monitor the operations and emergencies of the various subway lines by scheduling software of mobile APP. When there is a problem, call the person in charge of the office phone or the extension of mobile phone APP. When serious problems occur, set up temporary expert group by mobile APP. Then emergencies will be discussed and solve the problem at the first time. Contribute to the development of subway operation in the field of information industry.


IP-PBX combine with mobile APP, scheduling software and office telephone perfectly. When operational failures happen, the principal could be contact and the temporary meeting could be hosted in short time. Provide technical support and guarantee for the metro operation. Polylink provides fully professional solutions for metro operation industry, and got the subway operator 's recognition and praise in a few years of operation.


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