120 First Aid Center——Reliable Call Center solution for First Aid Center


Emergency Center is mainly responsible for people's daily emergency medical services, sudden disasters, accidents, public health events for medical emergency rescue security, all kinds of medical care tasks of international and domestic major events and important meeting, Heads of State, famous people, important guests of the health care task; professional and public health emergency training.


The 120command center has 24 seats. It has GPS, GIS, SOS phone address automatic display and dialogue automatic recording system, mobile positioning system, computer automatically deployed disposal system, large-screen information display system and 800 MHz wireless communication system. The center started from Oct 1st 2013. Answering more than 3 million phone calls annually.


The 120 Emergency Call of city and county are consolidated. Patients from city or county call the 120 Emergency, the call would be allocated to the respective service person. PAD terminal APP and hospital specialist PC-side client can be registered to the IPCC.


Improve the speed of resource scheduling ambulance. Docking seamless with electronic map, the ambulance could quickly and accurately find the patient. After docking with tablet APP on the ambulance, Patients can enjoy telemedicine of the specialist doctors in the ambulance.


Polylink IPCC integrate seamless with the hospital CRM, GPS, PAD, Mobile APP, and Smart Bracelet of the patient. Integrate perfectly the information technology equipment of 120 Emergency. Seriously patients in the ambulance could be able to enjoy remote care, avoid scheduling disorder caused by previous independent information system, ambulances unable arrive at the scene in a short time. Professionals avoid any rescue delay thus providing the best treatment time.

Polylink will continue to do custom development and application, and continuously improve and optimize the product. We will make our own contribution to the state medical service.


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