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In 2005 , "Easy Fresh Fruit" was founded in Shanghai , becoming the first Chinese fresh fruits provider. As the scale of China 's leading high-end shopping platform of fresh ingredients, "Easy Fresh Fruit" is committed to enhancing the quality of life of Chinese families with quality ingredients from around the world.
“Easy Fresh Fruit, Global select” website offers fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, food and beverage, dessert, wine, gift vouchers eight major categories total of 3,200 kinds of products. The logistics provides four kinds of transportation servers, Room temperature, Ice fresh, and Frozen fresh. The Easy Fresh Fruits annual distribution covers 367 cities and provides users with the easiest one-stop shopping service.


In the B2C online shopping areas, customer service is a very important part. With the increase in business, "Easy Fresh Fruit" call center have higher requirements not only not only professional and scalability of the system, but also need to connect to its own CRM system. "Easy Fresh Fruit" provides customer uninterrupted service and meet any surge in traffic demand on time.


Consider business needs of large-scale distributed applications and agents in the future, Polylink IPCC-500 contain Voice inquiry, Self-service and Artificial service with high stability, scalability and openness. The System combines invoicing, distribution resources, supply chain resources and customer resources on the Internet: (i) Establish a rapid response mechanism for online shopping; (ii) Enhance the interaction between customers and shopping sites. Achieve a unified distribution and utilization of resources, easily control the information of goods, distributors and suppliers.


Polylink IPCC-500 has the flexibility and distributed applications.
The System can meet the needs of the construction of small-scale pre-seats, and rapid expansion of demand for Easy Fruit Call center. Not only does the System can be implemented fast, management and maintenance with ease, but also provides 7x24 service. Provide users with high quality of the original plant services.


Call center is changing from a single service sector to a service-marketing department. Polylink IPCC improves the product functions and services constantly: (i) To help enterprises building a smooth communication with users of two-way channel; (ii) Providing professional, multi-faceted customer management and services resulting the enhancement of competitiveness throughout the enterprises.


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