Training Plan

We believe teamwork is the key to our success throughout the past 20 years. Therefore, our training plan is a necessity for every team member. Every member will have high self-esteem and have an opportunity to develop his/her self-value and creative skills.

To be technical talents

The company is faced with technical challenges everyday. Fortunately, our leadership has over many years of business and technical experiences. A technical challenge is viewed as a business opportunity.

Young and Energetic

In the past 20 years, we have worked with many young and energetic individuals. We realized everyone when given an opportunity can be superior. Therefore, we have embraced young and energetic individuals.

Your preparations before onboard


We hope that each and every who is coming to Polylink colleagues sincerely love here. Polylink may be not necessarily suitable for everyone, but look forward to growing with every Polylink and win-win.

Therefore, we suggest that each of us can have a clear self-positioning, spend a little time, and use some analytical methods to help yourself to understand Polylink goals, requirements, and future.

Materials Preparation

In order to help us better understand you, we welcome any interesting and valuable information, mode is not limited.

Can remind is, these materials will be our mainly understand your window, including the cognition and understanding of your abilities, attitudes and so on.

Interview Preparation

We look forward to your interview is to understand deeply the start, but we will not be limited to a certain type of interview mode, so honest and effective communication is always the most popular.

Generally speaking, you will receive two or three rounds of interviews or communications invited.


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